vendredi 29 mai 2015

PILGRIMWEN - Gaïa, Only Gaïa [Nouvelle/Poème FP #5]

[Certains croient en Bouddha, d'autres en Dieu, d'autres en Allah... Je crois en Gaïa et sa cruelle trinité : Gaïa est bienveillante, sauvage (indomptable, bestiale) et neutre. Ce texte n'est autre qu'un poème, une ode à la plus belle dame sur Terre, la Terre elle-même :)]


Gaia is bleeding,
As my heart is bleeding for this lady,
As my heart is beating for this lady,
Gaia is suffering,
But who cares of THE most wonderful lady ?

We are Gaia's avatars,
All, black and white,
All, good or bad,
All, male and female.
Our house is Earth,
Our mother is Earth.
We belong to Gaia
And she belongs to us.
We are all born from Gaia
And in the end, we all will come back to her.
We all follow her Great Plan,
Even though we are sometime blind and deaf to her call.
The most powerful and peaceful religion is the mighty Gaia,
A religion based on the idea we are all equals,
Equals on death!
We are brothers and sisters led by the same passion,
The passion to live on Earth.
There's no limit, no frontier to this religion!
All the Earth is Gaia's church!

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